Oracle RAC on AIX 5L

Today I’ve completed Oracle RAC installation on AIX 5.3 machine. Lot of thing I don’t know about AIX. Can’t play around with this Os as we need the machine itself. Not like Sun OS, available for x86.

Few things I take note during the installation,
1. Make sure all packages installed
2. Prepare enough space for /tmp
3. There is no unzip in AIX by default
4. HACMP is not mandatory
5. No issue if Major and Minor number not same for OCR and VOTING, mknod c M m. Should be fine.
6. There is a bug if you installed So patch it to (That’s is what I did) even the requirement from client is

That’s all, can’t capture the screen shot of everything. Need to installed from console. Bla bla bla from client when asking to remote.