Preventing Oracle CRS Automatic Instance Restart

When a node in RAC stops & re-start, oracle clusterware try to start the instance as soon as node starts. This may not be desirable, because instance start-up may fail, if system components on which instance depends are not ready

For example: Volume Manager is not started, file system is not mounted automatically
This scenario might occur, if oracle clusterware does not manage system components.

To manage automatic restart, we can use AUTO_START attribute.

AUTO_START parameter may have three values

1. always (1)
2. restore (0)
3. never (2)

How to change this parameter?

$ crs_stat -p <resource name> <filename>.cap

then change AUTO_START to a new value

$ vi <filename>.cap

$ crs_register -u <resource name >

verify the change by

$ crs_stat -p <resource name >

BTW, this method can be used for any resource. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.Backup the crs and you can mess up with the CRS resource. Good luck with that.